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  • Brechen frei (wenn du kannst, liebe schwarze shuhe)
Sergis gutes Leben thumb Testen der BK-Fraction thumb Das gute Leben leben thumb BORN FREE Geborenes freies Gefühl thumb Brechen frei (wenn du kannst, liebe schwarze shuhe) thumb

Sergi’s black sneakers

Who says black sneakers aren’t suited for summer?

Everyone should decide for him- or herself! And that’s exactly what BK Team rider Sergi did. He tested his black sneakers (British Knights Fraction) at a day on the beach.

BK Team member Sergi is living the good life. Currently he is traveling in the US of A and once again we received word of his wild adventures.

Last time we spoke, we asked Sergi to check out one of our favorite British Knights sneakers, the Fraction. A fast and rough looking sneaker for both males and females. With the Fraction’s all black appearance and clean, but detailed looks, this black BK sneaker looks like a stealth bomber or sniper rifle. Sun’s out, Gun’s out!

Word of Sergi

Summer is approaching on the West Coast in the States! In San Diego, California, wildflowers are in super bloom. Here in beautiful Del Mar, I’m enjoying the views of endless beaches and soaking up the rays of sunlight extending out over the Pacific Ocean.

For this beautiful day I chose to test my British Knights Fraction sneakers. Normally I wear flip flops to the beach, so this will be the ultimate test.

For starters the Fraction is a real eye-catcher. They don’t only look good, but are also comfy. And the sports inspired eyelets make sure you can tighten and loosen up however you like. Awesome! This sneaker had no problem to pass the test. But how can they on this sunny day.

Surfers, families and only good vibes are out. These days where we get to enjoy the simplicity of mother of nature, are the ones that remind us life is short, anything is possible and we were BORN FREE.

Decide for yourself.

Nevertheless we wear black in summer.


Enjoy the view  British Knights all black Fraction