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BK Croatia

Checking up with Sergi Nicolas

Our Bk Team is spending 1 long week in Split, Croatia. They chose this beautiful city because of the weather, the culture, the romanic-arquitecture and the awesome skating opportunities. When the BK Rider Team decided to choose SPLIT city, I wasn’t sure if was the right one, but after all the footage, all the pictures we got, this trip has been one of the most productives trips ever.

Sergi: I have to say this trip is one of the top 3 trips I have ever done. The whole trip I whished it would never end. All the guys together for one 1 week, 1 apartment ( 10min from the center, NOT ) and a lot of places to be skated!!!

Every day we were finding new spots to skate, so every night when we were coming home all tired after all day walking and skating, looking at the footage we had filmed or pictures that we took. I could see all the smiles on everyones face that all the hard work was totally worth it.

All this week we have been sharing really good moments all together, going to the beach, big long nights dancing till the sunset on the beach, long walks, alot of sandwiches and many many bottles of water. I cant wait for our next trip!!!!!!!

Thanks to BK for making this possible!

After this words of Sergi Nicolas, we are glad to hear that our team had an amazing time. That’s what it’s all about. Enjoying life with your friends doing what you like the most.

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