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Eric Brun

Male / 26 years old / Barcelona / Spain

My name is Eric Brun, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Barcelona, Spain.

I’ve been skating for 12 years since 2005. My favourite trick is Bs Lipslide. What I like most about streetboarding, is the feeling I get when I’m about to take off the ramps. Once I’m up in the air, there’s no way back, so I do my best to fly as high and good as I can.

My target for the next years is learning from the best streetboarders, film as much as possible and work hard on this streetboard world. I think the slogan fits perfect to me. To be sponsored by British Knights is giving me a big opportunity. It motivates me to improve more on what i’m doing and show to the people there’re some good brands supporting us. I want everybody to know about British Knights. Thanks guys!

Off course, there is more about Eric Brun.

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