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Sailing Emma Keuven Spring 2018

Emma Keuven

Female / 13 years old / Limburg / Netherlands

Hi all! It’s me, Emma 🙂
For those who don’t know me, my name is Emma Keuven.

Who is Emma Keuven?

I’m a dutch girl who loves making Youtube video’s, Instagram pictures and Musically’s.

I love making Youtube video’s, because I can be myself. Live like I’m Born Free!
But also to make people laugh. I love to put a smile on peoples faces. This platform gives me the opportunity to share my worries about cyber bullying, I can be a voice for children who aren’t heard.

What are your hobbies?

My Hobbies are: sailing, shooting video’s, pictures and musically’s.
When I’m grown-up I want to attend a school for performing arts. So I can work in the entertainment industry as an actress.

I love going to school, making fun with my friends and in my free time I probably love what most girls love. Make-up, fashion and of course all kind of shoes.

Favourite shoes?

Speaking of shoes. I am a big fan of British Knights footwear! BK always has the perfect shoe for me, no matter what kind of event.
A premiere? City trips? School? Hanging with friends? Not a problem! BK always has the right shoe for every occasion. I can not choose which model I prefer, because everyday is a different day with new things to explore.

Lot’s of kisses
Emma Keuven

Emma Keuven

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