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Alex-villanueva-Instagram- picture

Alex Villanueva

Male / 25 years old / Barcelona / Spain

Let us introduce you to Alex Villanueva, the most recent addition to the BK Team and a real multi-talented person.

Passionate streetboarder, devoted traveler, talented DJ, photographer and movie editor.


Alex Villanueva, joined the British Knights team on age of 23. He has a degree at the Barcelona School of Informatics, but right now he is following his heart and let’s his passion take him to places.

Although Alex is relatively new to streetboarding, according to teamleader Sergi, his progression in the past months is kind of insane.

streetboarder Alex Villanueva

Over the last few months Alex has toured, competed and done demos in countries across Europe. “I HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST TRAVELLING WITH THE BRITISH KNIGHTS TEAM. I LOVE TO FLIP AND LIVE LIFE UPSIDE DOWN, SO IT’S GREAT TO WORK ON THAT ALL DAY”. Exactly why he’s got our attention!

Besides his impressive streetboard skills, Alex has a lot more to offer.


Alex Villanueva has recently dropped a new techno mix on his YouTube channel. We are always in for a party with nice beats.


Photographer & Movie editor

Also he has been taking photo’s of the British Knights team on their trips. For his photography he has a separate Instagram account.

Alex Villanueva Photography

Alex Villanueva aka -boarding


Like more riders of the British Knights sports team, Alex likes most of the sports with a board. When there is snow, Alex will not be far.

Alex Villanueva snowboarding trick


Last best, surfing. One of the benefits of living in Spain is beautiful weather and lots of water. Even when there are no waves, Alex will find his way on the board.

No waves? No problem! Another expensive sport to the list hahah ? ? ? Thanks @fourstonesclothing for the present!! @windoor_waveclub #surf #wave #fun #chillday #friends

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As a final note, we love having Alex on the team and we think he is really worth checking out. Welcome to the team, Alex!

Wanna know more about Alex Villanueva?
You will find all about him on our blog or his social media: