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Toni Alvarez(14) thumb Toni Alvarez(13) thumb Toni Alvarez(12) thumb Toni Alvarez(11) thumb Toni Alvarez(10) thumb Toni Alvarez(9) thumb Toni Alvarez(8) thumb Toni Alvarez(7) thumb Toni Alvarez(6) thumb Toni Alvarez(5) thumb Toni Alvarez(4) thumb Toni Alvarez(3) thumb Toni Alvarez(2) thumb Toni Alvarez(1) thumb Toni Alvarez thumb

Toni Alvarez

As you saw during the BK-team trip in Prague, Barcelona rider Toni Alvarez is the new to the British Knights team. He was one of the MVP’s of the trip, as you’ll see in the video that is coming out in just few weeks… Patience. Here is a little introduction:

Hi I am Toni Alvarez, 28 years old from Barcelona, Spain. I started skating in 2003 and my favorite trick is the Fs bluntslide. The best thing about streetboarding is the snowboard feeling, the adrenaline, the new friends I made with the sport and the couple of skating travels I did. In the next years I want to skate as much as I can and produce videos, make pictures and join some contest for sure… In 5 years I hope to have a good job and good health for skating. Joining the BK-team is a good opportunity for me to make lot of footage and show the brand to the people, lot of social network and try to reach as much audience as i can. It’s nice to see a shoe company supporting streetboarders and interested on that sport so it works both ways, i hope in a few years this will be usual…