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Shiny patent sneakers, one of the most popular sneaker trends for 2018. The sneakers have a special coating, making patent sneakers look shiny in a subtile way. You’re going to turn heads with these subtle eyecacthers on your feet!

How to wear Patent Sneakers - British Knights


Shiny patent sneakers for women

Complete your look with British Knights’ Shiny Patent Sneakers. Our glossy sneakers are equipped with linen laces, which creates a playful contrast. The patent sneakers are a little bit rebellious, cool and feminine at the same time, which makes it so easy to style them with your favourite outfits. Whether you wear them with a dress, a skirt or denim shorts on a hot summer day, they always look good on you! Thanks to the patent coating, the sneakers are also easy to clean. Just use a wet cloth and dirt and stains will disappear easily!

“Patent sneakers are rebellious, cool and feminine at the same time.” 



DUKE in shiny patent

Our DUKE, one of our newest models, is provided with a shiny patent layer and available in white, black, nude and beige. Whether you choose white patent sneakers, black patent sneakers or any other color, they will always complement your look and give it a sporty chic touch. They are cool, but also very feminine and trendy. And don’t forget, you can never go wrong with an all white sneaker.

Patent Sneakers - British Knights DUKE

British Knights DUKE Shiny Patent Edition »

MASTER PLATFORM in shiny patent

British Knights also created the popular MASTER PLATFORM in shiny patent. This eyecatching model is available in three colors; black, white en vintage green. Choose vintage green if you want to spice up your look with some color!
British Knights black MASTER PLATFORM Patent Sneakers
British Knights MASTER PLATFORM black patent »

Patent sneakers: this is how influencers wear them!

Influencers are often ahead of trends. And Patent Sneakers are very popular amoungst them; they are totally ‘instaproof’.


Dutch vlogger and influencer Emma Keuven is in love with the shiny patent sneakers of British Knights. Both her and her mother own a pair of black BK’s, model DUKE.

Emma: “With my BK's, I feel classy all the time. Wear them with jeans, and I feel classy. Wear them with a skirt, and I feel classy. I Don't Need high heels when I have my black BK's!”


Een bericht gedeeld door Emma Keuven (@emmakeuven) op



Manou Jue Cardoso, also a Dutch influencer, is in love with her white and green Patent Sneakers. She wears her DUKE and MASTER PLATFORM with different outfits.

Manou: "I like to wear my patent sneakers with ripped skinny jeans and a comfy sweater or hoody. But I also wear them with a casual dress. They let every outfit shine!"


Een bericht gedeeld door ℳᎯℕᎾU ?? {ℳᎯᎯℕ?} (@manoujuecardoso) op


How do you style British Knights Patent Sneakers?

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Your sneakers. Your style.
Everyone wears British Knights in a different way and this always makes us happy.

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And more importantly, inspire us and other fans with your unique style.


Sneaker trends 2018: patent and monochrome

Another trend that is rocking our summer; the monochrome sneaker. Less is more with this trend and only one color is used for the sneakers, from laces till outsole.
Are you a true trendsetter? Let’s combine these trends! Wear our DUKE patent sneakers in your style and become the showstopper with these eyecatchers on your feet!