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Cruisin’ down Barcelona Beach

Have you ever been cruisin’ down Barcelona Beach?

Team captain Sergi Nicolas travels all around the world with his streetboard.

Yeah… we know! But he always comes back.


Barcelona Beach

Sergi loves his hometown Barcelona and shared some very nice pictures with us. We love the way he is cruisin’ down the boulevard with his British Knights CESCO   🙂
Even on a hot day like this, Sergi is spinning, flipping and taking airtime like it’s nothing.
After a while it’s time to relax and enjoy the sun. Check out the nice close-up pictures Sergi made.


British Knights CESCO

The British Knights CESCO is a new model in the BK family. This casual sneaker has a strong rubber basis and upper.
For Sergi this strong sneaker is perfect for skating.

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