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A review by BK Rider Eric

One of the main questions between skaters nowadays has to be about comfortable and stylish shoes. This is a curious subject to read about because every person who’s in the scene knows this is one of the most important things in our lifestyle. Every single rider knows his own style, how the shoes have to be, which shape and size, how comfy they have to be to feel the board as much as possible but we also like to look good. Which becomes part of our lifestyle and in the end makes a big difference in our style in general.

For me, the shoes must be comfortable, I think I look at that before I look at the style; and I have to say that´s one of the reasons I stick to BK, they always seem to fit just right. But as I said before, I also like to look good, so thankfully BK offers me hundreds of styles and colors to match my outfits and still have the comfort I need, whether it is to ride or to hang out.

Out of all the pairs I own I definitely overuse my brown Roads, they just go well with everything. The color makes them easy to match and the style is subtle but cool. They slip on easily and I can wear them in almost every activity. They are my go-to shoes to skate because they are without a doubt the most comfortable ones for me and they fit my style. As a rider I do think that they way you feel in your clothes affects your confidence and the way you ride, if you don´t feel comfortable or good about yourself then you probably won´t feel comfortable on your board. I always recommend my friends to take a look at BK because they have shoes for practically every style and in every color, so I´m sure anyone can find just what they need there.

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