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BK Team Photo update

Images say more than a thousand words. Enjoy this BK Riders Team Photo Update.

As you know, British Knights is all about shoes and sneakers.
As you may know, British Knights loves travelling, extreme sports, family, friends and fun.
As you should know, British Knights has a kick-ass Rider team. Travelling the world and doing what they love.

Time to get you updated.

BK Riders Team

Photo Update October

Currently the riders are all over the world, but upcoming weekend they will all join in Scotland to participate in the Streetboard UK open championships. Held in The Factory Skatepark in Dundee. An update will probably follow.

However we received some cool images about their adventures which we would like to share with you.


Currently in America, enjoying life. Giving some demo’s (note, Spanish language) and promoting the sports. Champion in streetboarding, Founder of Fashion. Supporter of shoes with detailed stitching.

Sergi Nicolas photo update

Love my new nachos neckless ? #Tegucigalpa #honduras

A post shared by Sergi Nicolas (@serginicolas) on


Last spotted in Molins de Rei, Spain. Always streetboarding and making awesome photo’s and video’s. Your go-to creative guy.

Cristian Dedeu photo update

In the pictures below you see the British Knights DEMON white.
Note the Instagram gallery has multiple pictures.

⚪️⚪️ So fresh ??, thanks @bkfootwear_official! #bkfootwear #britishknights #shoes #kicks #sneakers #bcn #kickstagram #bornfree #britishknightsteam

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Streetboarding in Barcelona with his squad or showing you some DEMON’S like a real man does. Either way, we love him for doing what he loves; having fun.

Toni Alvarez photo update

Más feliz que una perdiz ? #summer #shooting #weekend #barcelona #bornfree #wearitlikeyoumeanit ? @jimmypuxx

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Streetboarding in Stuttgart, Coloring the streets in Germany and assbombing his way to the top. Real talent and style. Get some yourself. Shop British Knights ROAD MID.

Thomas Kienle Photo Update

One of my favorites @bkfootwear_official #road #shoes #filter #color #stairs #streetboard #bornfree #wuppertal

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Recently introduced to the team. Real multi-talented. Worth checking Alex’ profile.
On the Road with Sergi, working hard and living life to the fullest.

Alex and Sergi Photo Update

Bye bye Honduras, I'll be back for sure ?????? @nicolas_photography85 #honduras #tegucigalpa #picacho #sketchy #streetboard #pivotboard #hondurasskateboarding #centralamerica #turunflunwheelstour2017 #fourstones #turunflunwheels

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Gotthard has been working-out at the gym, doing Calisthenics, been streetboarding, but most importantly took his rest. Chill out every day!

With the right Shoes you can skate everything ??? such a funny session ? #bkfootwear_official#skating#fun#awsome#wood#justwood#iouramps#scary#session#mini#ramp#blunt#passau#love#sksteboarding#board#training#legs#challenge

A post shared by Gotthard Pilsner (@gotthardpilsner) on


We don’t know where he is, but we do know he has been taking some air time in the skate park. Also he has been showing us some great style. Shooting some cool pictures wearing the BK Grey DECOY or nice Blue Suede DECOY. Last best you find a cool outfit showing-off the British Knights ENERGY.

Eric Brun Photo Update


Born to be free #bornfree #BKfootwear #bkshoes #shoes #grey #decoy ?@alegarcia22 @bkfootwear_official

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Exit through the gift shop!

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Woa, that’s it folks!
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