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Sergi Nicolas in Japan

A few weeks ago, Sergi Nicolas, our most international rider, jet set to Japan to judge the 4th Annual Japanese National Championships alongside Gabi Muñoz. The journey came with some stress though; the two riders got a bit in trouble when they missed their flight from China (despite arriving to the airport 5hours early!). Although they only have 72 hours to spend in Tokyo, they thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The city is home to the best ramen, neon-lit skyscrapers, massive shopping malls, and incredibly lively streets— like the famous Sibuya. The contest was took place on the rooftop on a shopping mall in Tokyo, and maybe it wins for location with the coolest view. The Japanese riders were really excited to have two world champions there to judge, and they especially were entertained with Sergi and Gabi did their demo dressed up as Luigi and Mario Bros! The most hyped moment of the weekend: when 9 year old rider, So-Ga, took the Gold on the mini ramp category.